ink Agop is a Japanese video/multimedia artist based in Berlin, creating video productions as well as video installations. She is involved in ongoing collaborations with performers, choreographers and musicians. Her themes include Techno- Shamanism; the relation between nature, culture, and technique, and the tribal and mystical expressed through the digital. Agop’s highly personal and instantly recognizable artistic approach reveals the collective and ritualistic behaviors that transcend the self and unite us all across time and space.


Kyoto Seika University Architecture Course, Japan

2015   ComPeung Artist in residence program in Chiang Mai / Thailand
2014   Surface Arts + Rumpueng collaborative residency program in Chiang Mai / Thailand

Solo Exhibition
2016   OVERLOOKING I, SomoS Art House, Berlin

Group Exhibitions
Video installation – “untitled”, 3hd Festival 2016, Berlin
Video installation – “there and here”, Künstlerhaus Meinersen
Video installation – “mirror”, Real Art Estate, Weissensee Berlin

Video installation – “there and here”, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Berlin
Video installation – “wet”, OHM Gallery, Berlin
Video installation – “there and here”, Schwuz – 48 Stunden Neukoelln, Berlin
Video installation – “there and here”, Surface Arts + Rumpueng collaborative, Chiang Mai / Thailand

Video Installation – “you’ll never never know how close you came…”, shift, Berlin
Video Installation – “cube”, shift, Berlin
Video Installation – “I want to”, University of the Arts Berlin
Video installation – “water” and video screening “core 001”, ”core 002”, “David / Davida”, Art Through the night, cookies, Berlin

Video work– “David / Davida”, UdK Rundgang 2012, University of the Arts Berlin

Video Installation – “core 001”, ”core 002”, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Berlin

Collaboration works
Video work with JUNJUN SCIENCE Performance – “midnight sun”,  KANA Theater, Stettin/Poland
Video work for DIESEL ART GALLERY TOKYO, Tokyo, Japan

Visualisation and Filming for Marcel von Berlin, Fashion show, Berlin
Video work for Virtual Gallery, abc berlin contemporary art 2012
Video work for Suwa Ayako – “UNDER THE ROOF” Guerilla Restaurant Berlin, Taste Festival Berlin 2012, Direktorenhaus, Berlin
Video work for Live performance – “Aérea Negrot & Band”, Roter Salon in der Volksbühne, Berlin
Video performance / installation – “Bad Street”, m3 – University of the Arts Berlin, Winter semester 2011/12

Video work for performance – ” Return origin” with coco Katsura, Borderline Biennale 2011, Lyon, France
Video work for “TOKYO GAKUIN”, Fashion show, Berlin Fashion week 2011
Video work for performance “GENBAKU Onomatopoeia” with Mi-kuni, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse theater, Berlin

Documentary film “YUNNAN COLORFREE” (46min.) Composition and editing
Shown in National Museum of Ethnology Japan(Osaka,Japan), UP LINK(Tokyo,Japan), Gallery graf(Osaka, Japan), Kyoto Seika University(Kyoto, Japan), and so on