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there and here *

ink Agop-there and here-01-800
Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte 2014


there and here

Object : 250cm × 100cm × 100cm, whole size : 500 cm × 100 cm × 100 cm, Rope, Branch, Motor, Wheel, Digital Video, Projector

This video installation was created in the Residency program in Chiang Mai / Thailand 2014.

The video image is projected onto the unstable object turning by the motor is created by branch and rope, image is appeared by residual image effect, it makes an illusion to audience. The video image is the artist who has transformed into Shaman dress up with fresh flower of Thailand.

“The primitive and spiritual image is visualized using digital technique.
The minority has originated in the ceremony of magical transformation of primitive culture. In this ceremony, the shaman is a person of healing, sibylline, something that leads to God. Also trickster, performer, clown, poetess, prostitute.”

This work speak to her unique ability to harmoniously represent apparent opposites such as Shintoism and rope bondage, and concepts such as isolation and unity.

Sound : Aérea Negrot
Engineering : Arnont Nongyao, Liang Zhipeng


Künstlerhaus Meinersen 2016


ink Agop

ink Agop-there and here-02-800
Rumpueng Artspace, Chiang mai, Thailand 2014